A2Z Cares offers an innovative one stop shopping for all vocational needs. Our Assessment, Adjustment, and Placement services are destined to revolutionize the concept. Our focus is the vocational industry from employer to employee, and every stop in between the process. BSVI, BVR, BWC, MR/DD, Rehab Medicine Programs, SSA, Self-Insurance Companies and the VA, just to name a few, are all in need of A2Z Cares.

We emphasize self-oriented career management skills. The participant is shaped, and gradually encouraged to take control of the process and ultimately to assume responsibility for his or her vocational career. Our philosophy is summarized by the adage: "Give one a fish and feed them for a day; teach one to fish and they feed themselves for life."

We align our service provision approach to interact with the participant at a predetermined baseline of job seeking ability. We then help the client build on this foundation while he or she gains self-confidence and gradually assumes control of the process. The recipient is thus enhanced with a knowledge and ability to apply job-seeking skills for a lifetime.

A2Z Cares employs a staff of highly skilled Vocational Professionals with a host of higher level degrees and credentials. In addition, our staff has proven abilities with a collective background of more than a century in the vocational rehabilitation field, serving both government and private sector vocational placement and business. Our motto is: "We light the way so that others are not impaired by the darkness of ignorance."

Our staff is licensed by the state of Ohio and has National recognition. Our credentials include Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC), Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors (CCDC), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

A2Z Cares is accredited by the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF). We are current with the latest technologies and services for successfully placing referrals, including utilizing tools such as the OiNET, and community based assessments. The MISSION of A2Z Cares is to supply the highest quality vocational service available.