Job DevelopmentThe participant can expect to have at least one personalized job developer (JD) who will take an aggressive approach to finding competitive job leads that will match the Vocational Goal. Part of the development process includes teaching the participant to independently pursue leads, while the JD seeks other leads on behalf of the recipient.

Frequently the Consumer is offered at least one position within a very short period of time (a few weeks on average). Many times the Client is offered more than one position at the same time. He/She is taught how to weigh the pros and cons of each position in order to decide upon the best one. At the time of actual starting a position, a job placement fee is requested.

Job Placement is a fee that is requested once the participant accepts employment and has an actual start date. If the same participant should leave their position prior to 90 days, additional job development hours and 50% of the placement fee will be requested upon recipient's acceptance of another position.