SuccessThe staff at A2Z Cares is very proud of its' successful job placement rate. Over 91% of individuals referred for job development services over the past six months have been successfully placed in positions of their choice. The average amount of time for a person to be offered a position is within 25 clock hours. Frequently individuals have more than one position to choose from and are given counseling on the pros and cons associated with each position.

The A2Z Cares job development staff is comprised of professionals who have had many years experience in placing individuals with all types of vocational goals and backgrounds. The job developers have established rapport and working relationships with human resource specialists and employers throughout the Central Ohio area. This enables them to more rapidly assist individuals in securing immediate employment.

Over 98% of all individuals successfully placed in competitive employment indicated very high levels of satisfaction. One year post employment follow up results indicate that at least 84% of the individuals placed by A2Z Cares were either still working at the same company or were promoted to different locations These results have closely paralleled each other from year to year.